Hidroinpex, гидромоторы, hydromotor


Нidroinpex SA produces planetary hydraulic rotor motors for agriculture, wood processing, road machines, refinery equipment and machine tools.

The special compact design allows you to replace large mechanical transmissions and gearboxes and obtain smooth operation under any conditions, the guaranteed motor life being 6000 hours.

Нidroinpex SA produce the following modifications their products:

· Motors with brake. A static disc-shaped brake is built into the front part and operated by the working fluid in the motor;

· Motors integrally geared. A single stage planetary gearbox is integrated in the elongated body of the motor, providing minimum speed and high torque of the output shaft;

· Motors with attaching gears. Single stage planetary-type gearbox, positioned horizontally;

· Motors - winch. Driven by a hydraulic motor with brake, with torque transmission to planetary gearbox built into the front part of the winch.