Hidroinpex, гидромоторы, hydromotor


Press mechanical shock BSM-50-400 Press for processing (briquetting) pulp (sawdust) and other plant waste (peat, husks, hulls, etc.) in high quality briquettes in a continuous circular...
Wood crushing machine TC-150

Designed for industrial chips for all types of timber with a maximum diameter of 12 cm.

Connection options:
- From the tract...

Device rapeseed harvesting DR-6

for Rapeseed Harvesting DR-6 - designed for all types of rapeseed and harvesters used in all soil-climatic zones.

The device consists o...

Sunflower mower DR-5 Sunflower mower and a set of components and parts for the conversion of grain harvesters "Niva", "Yenisei-1200", "Don-1500", "Vector"....
Transport for harvesters  RC-4,0

The cart is used to transport the machine for cutting crop.

Truck Tug processor, which must be equipped with towbar for connection.

Garden trailer

Garden trailer, designed to transport a container (1200x1000x700 mm.) and three boxes (500x30 mm.) during fruit picking in orchards.