Hidroinpex, гидромоторы, hydromotor


Wood crushing machine TC-150

Designed for industrial chips for all types of timber with a maximum diameter of 12 cm.

Connection options:
- From the tractor (PTO);
- The motor - 7,5 kW;
- Combination (tractor + motor).

Technical data

The name of indicators Value
The maximum diameter of the timber, mm. 120
Max speed Power takeoff shaft (turnover / min) 540
The size of the chips, mm 25-35
The width of the rotating blades (mm) 230
power, kWt. 30 ... 60
Performance, m3/hour to 8
Machine size (mm) length of 1600; width of 1020; height of 1400.
Weight (kg) 370
service staff 1 person
Type of raw materials tree trunk, planks, sawmill residues