Hidroinpex, гидромоторы, hydromotor


Sunflower mower DR-5

Sunflower mower and a set of components and parts for the conversion of grain harvesters "Niva", "Yenisei-1200", "Don-1500", "Vector".

Technical data

The name of indicators Unit Value
style Mounted on the combine grain header
Width on the socks fit sidewalls mm 4775 ± 100
Step placement steblepodemnikov mm 304,8 ± 10
The size of the working gap between the steblepodemnikami мм 75
Number steblepodemnikov (without sidewalls) pcs. 14
reel drive Chain left side
Drive knife cutting system Krivoshnpno-crank mechanism
The number of revolutions of the drum combine harvesting of sunflower min-1 330 ... 550
Performance Operating details devices must ensure the full and uniform loading of the harvester thresher, steady flow process
Speed, max:
working km/h 8 speed harvester
transport km/h 8 speed harvester
Cutting height for construction:
minimal 400
maximum 800
Copy rigid, tilt cylinder chamber harvester
Unitized SC-5 "Niva", "Yenisei-1200"
Weight accessories kg 500 ± 15
Service staff person 1