Hidroinpex, гидромоторы, hydromotor


Press mechanical shock BSM-50-400

Press for processing (briquetting) pulp (sawdust) and other plant waste (peat, husks, hulls, etc.) in high quality briquettes in a continuous circular rod shape without binders.

Technical data

The name of indicators Value
Performance 250 - 300 kg / hour (depending on the humidity of the raw material and fractions).
Stroke 110 mm.
Number of passages 260 strokes / min.
The drive screw bunker Adjustable frequency converter
The size of the briquette Diameter-50mm. Length-100-300mm., density 1 ... 1.4 kg / dm.
Combustion heat ... 4000 ... 5000 kcal / kg
Consumption of electric energy :
the main engine 15  kW
metering engine 1. 5  kW
feed motor 2.2 kW
Connection 3-phase network 380 V, 50 Hz
Length 2100  mm (refrigeration lines)
Width 1000  mm
Height 2000  mm
Weight 1600  kg
The optimum moisture content of raw materials 8-12%
The optimum particle size of the raw material 3 - 6 mm  
Type of raw materials sawdust, husks, straw, etc.