Hidroinpex, гидромоторы, hydromotor


Transport for harvesters RC-4,0

The cart is used to transport the machine for cutting crop.

Truck Tug processor, which must be equipped with towbar for connection.

Loading and unloading of trucks can be made only on the left side, as located support.

The trolley can stably operate in areas with relief, having slope less than 10 °, and is designed to operate in areas with a temperate climate at an ambient temperature of + 40 ° to -40 ° C.

Technical data

The name of indicators Unit Value
Dimensions less than
Length mm 7050
Width mm 2300
Height mm 1300
Weight dry (for construction) no more kg 1400
Number of wheels pcs. 4
Track (distance between the centers of the wheels) not more than mm 5400
Ground clearance (under the crossbar), not less mm 274
Carrying capacity, not more than kg 4000
Maximum vertical static load on the clevis drawbar N 1246
The maximum static angle of roll bar on level ground degrees 44
The maximum permissible lateral deviation of the road at a speed of 5 km / h degrees 8
Speed, maximum
Without header and fixtures km/h 25
With header km/h 20
- In sharp bends and slopes, reversing km/h 5
Number of staff person 1
The complexity of the connection (disconnection) coupling devices and electric trolleys combine, not more person/h 0,2
Life time years 7