Hidroinpex, гидромоторы, hydromotor


Hydro Tracking device GMA-10000

The hydraulic tracer is designed to change the direction of the working fluid in the hydraulic systems of agricultural machinery.

The hydropower device is designed to work in macro-climatic regions with a moderate climate. Type of climatic performance of VI according to GOST 15151-69. In this case, the upper (working) and limiting values of the ambient air temperatures are respectively 40 - 45 degrees C.

A hydropower device is available in two types: right and left.

Indicator Name Value
Maximum inlet pressure, MPa 16
Working fluid: in winter hydraulic oil MGE-46V TU38.001347-83 or "A" TU 381011282-89
Working fluid: in summer engine oil M-10G2; M-10B2; GOST 8581-78
Cleanliness class in accordance with GOST 17216-71 16
Locking element type: crane
Hydraulic cylinder control type: two-way action
Weight, kg 5