Agricultural machinery and equipment

We specialize in the production of reliable and high-quality agricultural machinery.

We offer a wide range of technical means designed to increase labor productivity in agriculture by mechanizing and automating individual operations or technological processes.

Work is constantly underway to expand the range and reduce the cost of production.

The company has a production base, qualified workers and engineering and technical personnel, allowing to fulfill customer orders in the shortest possible time.

Our agricultural machinery and equipment

Измельчитель веток TC-U-80

It is intended for re-equipment of all types of grain headers for mowing rapeseed with direct combining and is used in all soil and climatic zones.

The wood shredder cuts branches, slats, and other wood waste into pieces.

Set of components and parts for re-equipment of grain headers

It is an ideal helper in the garden, home and yard, as well as on the construction site.

the cart is used for transportation of harvesters.

Designed for surface application of solid organic fertilizers into the soil.