Hydraulic motors

A hydraulic motor is a device that converts the energy of a fluid into mechanical energy that drives the working body of the machine.

A hydraulic motor is a rotary motion motor.

We specialize in the production and sale of high-quality hydraulic motors and hydraulic pumps that have all the necessary quality certificates and comply with current technical standards.

In addition to a wide range of products where you can buy a hydraulic pump or other components you are interested in, our company provides repair and maintenance services for hydraulic systems, hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors.

Hydraulic motor planetary rotary rotator GPR-F-M-3200...6300

It is applied in municipal engineering. Mounted on mobile concrete mixers. Used to drive the concrete mixer hopper.

GPR-F-M 160…630 has found application in machines and machine tools where smooth rotation of the working body with a small (starting from five) number of revolutions per minute is required.

They are widely used in the mechanisms of agricultural, timber processing and road machines, in the oil refining sector.