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Here you can watch various videos: general image or thematic ones, telling about new products, participation in an exhibition, a significant event in the life of an enterprise, a business partner or a new project. Be with us! Stay up to date!

Hidroinpex - logo

effective appearance of the Hidroinpex logo

Hidrpoinpex - who are we?

a short video about who we are, what our company does.


New Product - Seedling and Tree Planting Machine


A microfinance company is a new business partner.

Briefly about what we produce.

Trailed gritter PRP-1,5

It is intended for sprinkling with inert materials and anti-icing reagents on streets, sidewalks and road surfaces. Small dimensions and high ground clearance allow you to successfully maneuver on narrow streets and footpaths.

Our products

short video about what we produce

A short essay and a tour of our company. The range of products that we produce is presented in brief.