Rapeseed harvester DR-6

The rapeseed harvester DR-6 is designed to re-equip all types of grain headers for mowing rapeseed with direct combining and is used in all soil and climatic zones.   The device consists of a frame and a left sidewall, on which the MKSH, horizontal and vertical movable and fixed knives are installed. The right sidewall is made removable with movable and fixed vertical knives.   Adapters are attached to the sidewalls, imitating the contour of the sidewall of the header, and quick-release rods that tighten the harvester header with the device.

Technical data

The name of indicators Unit Value
Style   attachments
Reaper width on which is mounted a device m 6
The design width of the active devices divisors m 6 ± 0.015
Performance   Harvester thresher corresponds productivity and limits its operation
Speed, max: km/h  
working   10
transport   20
Drive   V-belt drive
Cutting height mounting mm according to the requirements in the header
Losses for the header, fitted, not more % 3
Overall dimensions, not more: mm  
length   1700
width   5630
height   1200
Ground clearance, not less mm 300
Mass (general), not more than kg 410
type   finger, steel double fingers, closed-type with inserts
knife drive   Gated with inserts UGS (swash plate mechanism)
step blade segments mm 76.2
move the knife mm 88
cyclical knife cycles/min 476
Active splitters:    
left   bespaltsevy with two movable knives
right   also
knife drive   UGS
step blade segments mm 762
Move the knife:    
left mm 30
right mm 30
cyclical knives cycles/min 476
Service staff pers. 1
The complexity of installation on site    
using no more than pers. / hour 2
Radio resource, not less than hour 700
The service life of at least years 10