Sand spreader trailed PRP-1,5


The sand spreader semi-trailer communal PRP-1,5 is designed for spreading sand and salt mixtures on sidewalks and roads in populated areas. Small dimensions and a large ground clearance allow you to maneuver successfully on narrow streets and footpaths.

Technical feature

The name of indicators


Type Semi-trailer
Carrying capacity, kg, not more than 1500
The width of the processed strip, m 1.0 – 4.5
Traction class of the tractor 1,4 – 2
Bunker volume, m3 1.0
Conveyor Scraper, on two round link chains
Trailer hydraulic drive From tractor PTO
Hydraulic Station Pump NSh-32
The conveyor drive Planetary-rotary hydraulic motor – rotator GPR-F -M-2500-12
Spreader drive Hydraulic motor, hydraulic motor GMSh-32
Oil Purification Filter Presence
Spreader height above ground level, mm 300
Ground clearance (distance from the floor to the wheel axis), mm 290
Distance from the floor to the spreader hydraulic motor, mm 265
Dirt wings Presence, metal
Transport wheel tires 185/75 R16C
Wheel track (distance measured between the outer surfaces of the wheels) 1530
Color, enamel type Two-component, polyurethane, wear-resistant
Speed of movement, km / h: when sprinkled /transported with cargo / unloaded 3 … 5/10 … 20/30
Trailer overall dimensions length / width / height, mm 3600/1600/1800
Weight, kg 780