Tree planter

A machine used for the mechanized planting of seedlings or saplings of woody plants on a silvicultural or other area prepared for planting.

The working process of planting, performed by L. m., includes the preparation of a seat, manually feeding the planting material into the grips of the machine, moving it to the seat, and embedding the root system with soil with its compaction.

The machine can be used both without pre-treatment of the soil, and on cultivated soil.

Technical feature

Name of parameters



Machine Typehinged
AggregationTractors of classes 2 and 3 (MTZ-80/82. T-74.D G-75 , etc.)
Furrow widthmm100
Transport speedkm /hup to 20
Working speedkm /h1.6-3.6
The distance from the knife blade to the bottom . frame planemm325
The height of the above-ground part of the seedlingscmup to 56
Diameter of the root system of seedlingsmmup to 100
Height of planting seedlings, max.cm70
– length2190
– widthmm1520
– height1320
Service staffpeople2
Aggregation , tractor powerkW55
Life timeyears7