Hidroinpex, гидромоторы, hydromotor



EARTH DRILLS GWB-10 is used for tightening the screw piles, deep drilling, drilling under the foundation and fences, and any other work related to drilling. Mounted on machines weighing from 8 to 12 tons. (Excavators, tractors, telescopic

Technical data

Parameter Designation Value
Working displacement of the hydraulic motor, cm3. V0  25003200 4000 5000  63008000
Working pressure of the hydraulic motor,  MPa. Pnom  16
Torque of the hydraulic motor,  Nm. Тnom 4300560070008700 11000 13000
rated consumption of the hydraulic motor, dm3/min  Qnom  80
Rotation frequency, min -1 nnom 32252016 12.5 10
Output power, kW Nnom  14
Attitude  -  any
Principal resources, hour   Lh


Weight, kg. M 130133141146 155 161