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This is a type of plasma processing of materials, in which a plasma jet is used as a cutting tool instead of a cutter. A thermal cutting method that uses ionized gas to cut metal. It is one of the widely used methods for cutting thick metal sheets, but it can also be used for sheet metal.

Polymer painting is the treatment of a metal surface in a special way. Polymer painting is the scientific name for the powder coating method, since the resulting coating occurs as a result of the formation of a high molecular weight substance “polymer” by the repeated attachment of low molecular weight molecules to active centers in a growing polymer molecule, in other words, polymerization. Powder coating is a method of obtaining a highly protective polymer coating with decorative properties. In other words, powder coating not only allows you to transform the aesthetic appearance of products, but also allows you to extend the service life of a particular product, due to longer protection of the material from corrosion.

Metalworking is a technological process of cutting or surface plastic deformation of metals and their alloys. In metalworking, the shape and dimensions of the metal are changed, the parts are given the desired shape using one or more metalworking methods. The reliability of any production, any metal structure depends on the quality of metalworking. Metalworking is understood as a set of technological processes that change the size, shape and other characteristics of metal blanks. Conditional classification of metal processing technologies: casting, machining (by cutting and pressure), thermal, welding, electrical, artistic.

Designed for surface application of solid organic fertilizers (manure, peat, compost), lime, wood chips and sawdust into the soil. The single axle manure spreader sets the standard for fast and efficient spreading. Increase your productivity and productivity with our high capacity truck or trailer mount model.

The sand spreader semi-trailer communal PRP-1,5 is designed for spreading sand and salt mixtures on sidewalks and roads in populated areas. Small dimensions and a large ground clearance allow you to maneuver successfully on narrow streets and footpaths. Technical feature The name of indicators Value Type Semi-trailer Carrying capacity, kg, not more than 1500 The width of the processed strip, m 1.0 – 4.5 Traction class of the tractor 1,4 – 2 Bunker volume, m3 1.0 Conveyor Scraper, on two round link chains Trailer hydraulic drive From tractor PTO Hydraulic Station Pump NSh-32 The conveyor drive Planetary-rotary hydraulic motor – rotator GPR-F -M-2500-12 Spreader drive Hydraulic motor, hydraulic motor GMSh-32 Oil Purification Filter Presence Spreader height above ground…

Sand spreader DNS-7-S is a constructive module that does not require installation. It is used for spreading hard anti-slip materials (sand, salt, etc.) on sidewalks and roads.The DNS-7-S gritter is equipped with a protective frame, electric light identification and warning signs.The sander is made of high quality steel. The thickness of the walls of the bunker is not less than 4 mm. The thickness of steel pipes is from 5 to 8 mm, so that the service life is increased.Protective coating: The surface of the hopper is painted according to a special technology: polymer-powder paint, treated with a temperature of 170-180 ° C, which increases wear resistance and resistance to corrosion compared to conventional painting. PRICE: 336 000…