Branch shredder TC-U-80

Измельчитель веток TC-U-80

The wood shredder is designed for processing and disposal by cutting branches, slats, sticks, lamellas and other wood waste.

 The wood shredder cuts branches, slats, and other wood waste into pieces.

Chopped branches are an ideal fuel for pyrolysis and solid fuel boilers, fireplaces, stoves and other heating appliances, as well as for the production of charcoal.

Drive movement from the power opening shaft (PTO) of the tractor.

PRICE: 32 000 lei

Technical feature



Max. capacity m3/h 4
Max. softwood diameter, mm 80
Hardwood diameter, mm 60
Length of cut branches, mm 60-120
Number of knives, pcs. 6
Knife speed, rpm 220
Engine power, hp 15
Length, mm. 1615
Width, mm. 835
Height, mm. 820
Total weight, kg 120